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Preparation of the layout:

Technical requirements

  1. Prepare the layout for printing in vector format in Adobe Illustrator (*.ai, *.eps), Corel Draw (*.cdr) or *.pdf at a scale of 1:1. If pictures (JPG) are used the resolution of the images needs to be 300 dpi. If only a picture (JPG) is sent, we are not responsible for the print quality and colour tone. Client claims with such a file will not be accepted.
  2. Transform text into curves/outlines. The height of the text must not be less than 2 mm. All letters and numbers smaller than 2 mm may be illegible when printed. In the case of text smaller than 2 mm, we do not responsibility for the legibility of the text on the printed product.
  3. Complaints about errors in the layout will not be taken into account once it has been approved. The Client is responsible for all errors (spelling, content, logo, font, etc.) found after the final agreed check.
  4. Use the PANTONE solid coated or CMYK colour scale in your layout.
  5. The maximum height of the model shall be at least 4 mm less than the width of the ribbon. For colour printing, prepare a layout with a 2 mm overlap on each side.


  1. We reserve the right to change the design and position of the logo to meet technical requirements before sending the layout to the client for approval.
  2. For technical reasons, the centring of the logo may be different on mass-produced products. The distance of the logo from the edges of the ribbon may vary within +/- 2 mm.
  3. The colour of the product is allowed to vary by +/- 2 shades PMS in good light. If the colours are not specified by PANTONE, we do not accept responsibility for the colour shades after printing.
  4. We are not responsible for postal and courier services. An order is deemed to have been placed on time if it has been dispatched within the standard time specified by the courier or post office.
  5. The Customer shall be fully liable in the event of any infringement of third party rights as a result of the performance of the order, and shall indemnify the Manufacturer against any claims arising from such infringement.
  6. All REPEATED ORDERS will be considered as NEW ORDERS and the above rules shall apply. When placing a repeat order, the customer accepts that there may be a slight colour difference between the previous product and the new product.